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Gas Barbeque (BBQ) installation and hookup
Ever run out of propane when your steak was half cooked?
Hook your BBQ up to Natural Gas, save money,
and no more worry of running out.*
(*Natural Gas compatible BBQ or conversion kit required)

Gas or Oil Furnace Installation, Repair, Duct Work
Thinking of switching from Oil or Electric?
Need a new Furnace?
Need some ductwork relocated for a basement renovation?

Professional Duct Work
Finishing a basement?
Is that ductwork in the way?
We may be able to find a more efficient route.

Gas Dryer Installation and Hookup
Dry your clothes in half the time and
for less money
by using a Natural Gas dryer.

Gas Store Installation and Hookup, Hook up, Hook-up
Having your kitchen renovated? Moving?
*** SAVE ***
We’ll give you a free disconnect for every reconnect.*
*(Call for details)

Fully Licensed Gas Fitter, pipe, piping
Finishing your basement? Don’t get stuck!!!
Rough in gas piping for appliances, BBQ, fireplace ect.
Relocate gas piping rather than straping.

Pool Heater Installation, Hookup, Removal
Having a pool installed?
We can can work directly with your pool company
to install your gas heater, or Re&Re your AC
unit to allow the pool workers through.

Gas Water Heater Installation, Service, Hookup
Tired of renting your water heater?
Purchase your own and we can install it for you.
We may also be able to relocate your existing water heater.*
*(call for details)

Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning Installation, Service, Repair, Start-up
Don’t wait till the heat comes.
Have your Air-conditioner installed today,
and it’ll be ready when you need it.
We can also relocate your existing AC unit.